Tenda Tora Lodge

Praia do Bilene, Mozambique

Bilene Town & Beaches

"It doesn't matter where you go in life, as long as you go to the beach!"

Breathtaking white sandy Beaches of Bilene's lagoon

The town boasts two filling stations, more than 10 restaurants, numerous bars, shops, food & fish market, arts & crafts stalls, 2 x banks (2 x ATM points), white sandy beaches, boat launching ramps, cell phone coverage, private clinic, pharmacy and lots more.

All Photos were taken in Bilene.

Praia do Bilene - Aerial photos below

 Turtle Rock - Praia do Bilene (above)

Nearby beach on the lagoon (only a 2 minute stroll from the central market and Millennium Bim Bank and approx 5 minutes walk from Tenda Tora Lodge)

Warm friendly local families, white beach sand - Paradise found !!!

Nearby beach - only about 450 m by path from Tenda Tora Lodge and close to the central market (pics below)

Very talented artists and interesting stalls.

Mercado Central (Central Market) approx 400m from Tenda Tora (next to the Millennium Bim bank and ATM's)

 I just love these cars that they make, the detail and material used is incredible.

Clothes, sarongs, hats, caps, bags, sunglasses, sandals, slops, toys, arts & crafts, fruit & veg, fish, prawns, sweets, alcohol..........

Above photo taken by Kerstin Bruntnell.  The boys enjoying an ice cold one at the market.

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