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Travel Advise & useful information 

Documents required:

  • An original or certified copy of your vehicle documents / registration certificate.(The Natis - not the one with license disc)
  • A valid driver's license (your SA one will do)
  • A letter of authorization to cross the border from your car insurance company and car finance company (If still under finance).  If the car is in someone else's name then you must also have a letter of permission from that person with a original stamp from a commissioner of oath. These documents are occasionally required at the border and may be required at a check point later on.
  • Compulsory 3rd party insurance which is obtainable at the border for around R280 per car and R150 for a trailer/caravan.
  • The Mozambique side will issue a gate pass which will be signed by a Mozambique customs official then you need to hand it in at the official when exiting the border gate. 
  • You have to fill in a temporary import document for your car, trailer etc... on the Mozambique side. Keep all these documents in your car. You may be required to produce them at a check point. There is a new rule that they charge a fee now. It's around R200 or Mt850 (Jan 2021)
  • Make sure you have all your documents, passports etc with you at all times when driving around or taking a leisure trip even after having checked in.

Passports / visas / Birth Certificates

Southern African passport holders don't require a visa, for other passport holders, a visa is required . Make sure your passports are still valid for 6 months after your return and that you have enough pages for 4 stamps. Make 100% sure that all passports are stamped with the correct date before leaving the border. (Very important. Do not take it for granted even if you heard the thud of a stamp) 

The Immigration Regulation dictates that children require UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATES, along with their passports, when traveling.  Should you be travellng with/making a reservation for children, please ensure that you apply for these certificates in good time.  

Triangles / reflective vests / stickers.

A blue & yellow triangle sticker is necessary if towing a trailer/boat or caravan and should be placed on the front of the car and at the back of the trailer. Even if you are not towing, you will require two red triangles and one reflective vest per adult and a ZA sticker on the back of your car (if the car is registered in SA) These are all obtainable at your local outdoors shop or Drivemoz and many other outlets.

Groceries / Duties

You may take the equivalent of $50 (US Dollars) of groceries duty free per person (including children). Each adult is allowed one bottle of spirits or two bottles of wine or 12 beers and 200 cigarettes (1 carton) duty free. There is no need to bring in alcohol.  Please support local.
Red meat and dairy products are not always available in Bilene, so it is advisable to bring a few items with or you can purchase them at shoprite in Matola (just before Maputo-en route) U-save Shoprite is open in Macia now (33 km’s before Bilene), so it is not necessary to bring everything with you.
Frozen chicken, fresh fish & prawns, potatoes, rice, veggies, beer, wine, spirits, charcoal, fire lighter’s, Portuguese bread rolls (pao), sweets, snacks, sugar, cold drinks, long life milk, some fruits(limited), cashew nuts and arts and crafts are all available in Bilene. Please bring your own swimming towels, sun block, peaceful sleep and snorkeling/fishing equipment.


Mozambique is considered to be a malaria area. You are advised to consult your doctor or pharmacist. We recommend that you bring peaceful sleep as it has been proven to last longer than any other brand.


There are numerous filling stations along the way that supply diesel and petrol. Bilene boasts two fuel stations with shops. 

Local currency

The Metical is obtainable before the border at the Garage. Although you can pay for almost anything in Rands or US dollars it is better to have some Meticais on you. You can draw Meticais with your normal debit card at the ATM'S in Bilene or en-route or you can exchange money at BCI bank in Bilene (please take your passport with) you will get a better rate from the ATM than the streets and most establishments. 

Please Do not exchange money at the border, they always intend to rip you off.

Visa debit or credit cards work the best in Mozambique / Master and Maestro are less reliable and only work at selective ATM's, shops & restaurants. Please inform your bank that you will be using your card in a foreign country.  Please note there are max daily and monthly withdrawal limits and the ATM's can be very unreliable at times.  You also cannot go in to the bank. (E.G FNB in Moz will not be another branch.  You will not be able to transact) 

Cell phone Coverage and Wi-Fi

Cell phone network: If you are not roaming it is advisable to obtain a local sim card and airtime. Networks available are Vodacom Mozambique, Mcel & Movitel. Tenda Tora, Bilene has a very good Vodacom Mozambique cell phone signal. Please note that you will have to rica your local sim card.
There is Wi-fi available around the reception area, please ask reception for the code.  This is for our guests convenience and we reserve the right to suspend it if abused as it is pay as you go, not uncapped. 

Speed limit and road safety:

The drive through Maputo may be an eye opener, do not be alarmed, it is very safe but takes longer than you expect. Be patient it is only for 15 -20 km’s, after that the road does open up.(Use the ring road just after Matola river bridge, much quicker)

The speed limit is 100km’s/hour between towns but look out for all the 80 and 60 signs, you may continue with your normal speed once you see a sign with lines drawn through it. 100 km’s/hr on national roads with no shoulder and when towing and 120 km’s/hr on roads with shoulder unless otherwise indicated.(only from Komatipoort border to Maputo)

Keep your safety belts on at all times (front & back passengers), do not let any part of your body stick out of the car or window, stick to the speed limit and look out for children, bicycles, goats, cows, dogs, chickens and other road users. (The roads are generally in a good condition)

It is highly recommended to avoid traveling at night if you can, there are many trucks with no lights or reflectors - very dangerous

If you are pulled over, don’t panic, be polite, show respect, turn your car music off and remove your sunglasses when being addressed. They will just check your driver’s license and car papers. Then you may proceed. If you have broken the law, you will be issued with a fine. This is a spot fine as you are not a resident and will have to pay it immediately. Insist on a receipt.

Please Note:  Some information could change without notice.  If you are not sure please contact us at info@tendatora.co.za or +27 715515509

Covid-19 regulations

Please check for latest updates.


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Drive alive! Enjoy the journey!!!

Thank you, Management.

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